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           1970 HG Premier
Owners Profile


Colour: Burnished Bronze
Engine: 5.0 Litre 308
Gearbox: Turbo-hydromatic 400
Diff: VK Commodore LSD, disc brake rear end.
Trim: Original HG Premier - Sandlewood
Comments: This car is stock bodied, stock trim. I am the second owner of the car. I have owned it since April 1998. I was 186 Trimatic. I converted to 5 litre and other specs over Jan - May 2006 due to the original running gear being very tired. The Head still has not been off that 186. I am keeping that motor with the car. The trim is stock except for the Cloth inserts (the car came optioned with cloth, but the cloth cannot be purchased now). The car is lowered as legally as it can be. Other specs include; Sig Erson TQ20 Cam, Gas heads, Edelbrock 4Brl Manifold, Rochester Quadrajet Carby, Pacemaker Extractors, Whitewall tyres, Spats, overriders, scratch plates, full HG decal kit, venetians, nasco visor.

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