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 MGM Minutes

218th Lions Pride Members General Meeting 9th March 2017 at Alvie Hall Mount Waverly

Meeting Declared Open 8:02pm by David Wright

Apologies: As per Book 

Minutes from the Last Meeting: Minutes of the 217th MGM read by Matt Twaddle seconded by Tess Schouw 

Treasury Report – Stuart Chiron

No change to the balance since last month $7644.44.Raffle money from last MGM went into petty cash. Balance now $89 Australia Post renewal is due Stuart has been working on 2 things:

1) is the AGM and the hall for hosting it. Jason Rafferty offered the new Shannon’s facility. Fabulous venue but it holds only 50 max so a bit small for an AGM. Committee also talking about Mulgrave for the AGM. AGM usually costs a few thousand to hire hall and supply food so we will investigate Mulgrave. The AGM is a full day for the committee with morning setup, evening AGM and then late night clean-up and pack away. Rick suggested the Seaford community centre.

2) is memberships and Stuart will bring renewal forms along next month. We will get it started soon and use direct deposit EFT again

Social Committee Report – Elliott Gwynne

Queenscliff Run went well thanks to Anthony and everyone who for helped organise Phillip Island is on the weekend after next. Encourage members to attend. John has organised the tickets. 7:30 start in San Reno. Believe 400 race cars have entered.

Yarra Glenn Swapmeet this weekend. Sunday 12th 

Sat 1st April bi-annual fundraiser. Big day for the club and everyone has a good time. Try to take shifts and break it up during the day. Need help.

Sun 2nd April is Dandenong all Holden day. 7am to 4pm. Meet at the Bunnings Dandenong car park Rick said the organiser wants to break the record for the most Holden’s in a show. Try to get there before 7:30. Meet at Bunnings 7:00 for 7:15 departure. Anthony is the lead for that event. 

Trafalgar Run 7th May. Great run we will have a lunch at the Hotel

21st May National motoring heritage for general interest

27th May Winton Historic Run 

Anthony suggested for the AGM why don't we dress up in 50s, 60s, & 70s style. Add a bit of fun. 

Editors Report – Matt Twaddle

Taking minutes 

Uniform Officer’s Report – Jill Wright

 Who is interested in getting beanies. Show of hands said it was a good idea. Jill will investigate. 


Allan from Frankston, Ex HSV\HDT club president and still life member. Had a Blue VK Group A and a VP GTS. Found a HZ Premier through his mates son in law. It was sitting in garage in saddle duco with buckskin interior. Low kms and no rust. Mint condition. Took it to Wonthaggi and it won a prize for best original. Spent 100 hours polishing. Reason for coming along he bought a HZ Premier hubcap from Steve Wilson who suggested the LPHCC was a good club. 

George lives locally in Oakley and has an EK ute that he has owned for the past 5 years. It was a wreck purchased from eBay he got it in the country from Edenhope. Took a couple of years to restore and his Wife suggested he join a club. Originally was going to join the EK FB club but it sounded boring talking about the same cars. 

General Business

David Wright mentioned that David Slater had a download from VicRoads and we have found 2 cars not registered. John Collins was one who managed to convince VicRoads that he was registered. It took about 30 mins on the phone to sort it out. David Wright mentioned we will do a regular check but ultimately members should keep an eye on it as its their responsibility and be very proactive when it’s almost time to renew. We found nothing on the club CPS register that should not be there. Dave Slater mentioned that we can’t check anything long term historical. 

Mentoring program available and we need members to help. Looking particularly at the Secretary position David wright mentioned its very critical to have a secretary in a club for minutes and admin.

Also, looking at bringing back a membership officer at the AGM. Please have look at what we do in a committee meeting come along to Mulgrave CC at 7pm on the 1st Thursday. 

Lance has some giveaways. Automotive books and repair manuals. Thanks Lance 

Jason Todds dad also had a giveaway. Stamp collectors have the international stamp show on the 30th of march releasing a series of HSV Stamp packs. The upcoming show at Traralgon each day they are releasing a new stamp. Donated 30 entry passes for 4 people to the event. 30th of March to 2nd April at Caulfield racecourse 

John O Sullivan talked about the Phillip Island event weekend after next. Has been long weekend for years but later GP has affected it. $15 for Sunday passenger Sat also $15. Please wear uniform. Have about 30 tickets. Looking forward to it. Also the Maffra museum has Holden Red Motor exhibit.

John also talked about the run to Alice Springs. This trip is what you want to make it and there are about 5-6 vehicles. Itinerary is Alice Thursday, parade Friday, Departure Monday-Tuesday. 

David Wright talked about seeing a Cadillac LTS leaving the proving ground. Next day at the superbikes he asked a friend who confirmed that the sale of Opel/Vauxhall to Peugeot was imminent.  

Geoff Fitzpatrick is going to Tasmania for a show and shine in Ross River with a circuit on part of the Targa Tasmania route. Also, talked about Clipsal in Adelaide where a touring car masters had new rebuilt mustang and wiped it off. Car is stuffed and they lost $240k. He will be scrutineering at Phillip Island again. 

Elliott Gwynne talked about Bowdens Own demo. Dan came down to show off his products and techniques. There were about 40-50 folks including 12 members. Really good night 

Raffle 8 Winners Drawn by Gwen

Meeting declared Closed at 9:00pm


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