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Member Profiles

Members of the Lions Pride Holden Car Club, are a diverse group of individuals with a common thread - their love of old Holdens.


Find out more about our members by reading their profile.


HD Ute - HK GTS Monaro -  HT Wagon - XP Coupe
Joe & Cheryl
FJ Ute
Lyle T
HR Sedan 
Graham S.
EH Special - HK Brougham - FE Ute - HQ Statesman

Bruce C

HZ Statesman
Gerard B
LH Torana - VL Sedan
Greg J
HQ GTS - HQ One Tonner
Chris M
HG Premier
John & Gwen  R
FB Utility - HZ Utility - FE Sedan
Dave & Kym
FB Sedan




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