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The Historic at Phillip Island

The Historics at Phillip Island (10 & 11.03.12) were a fabulous event. Dave, Graham, Linda and I were part of a group displaying on the Sunday (11th) and met up at a great motel in Kilcunda for an overnight on Saturday 10th (thanks for organizing for us John). Bruce and Judy were there, John and Gerard and Rhonda also stayed over and Duncan came and joined us Saturday for a lovely meal and drink at the pub next door. This was followed by a slightly disturbed nights sleep (due to late night music from the pub) but we all managed still to get up bright and early for the start on the Sunday. After meeting others from the Club at San Remo we headed onto Phillip Island and the Grand Prix circuit to an excellent spot set up the day before by the Club the day before. Gerard and Rhonda had their Torana on display in the Expo while the rest of us - just a short step away were part of a good turnout from the club. The weather was fantastic, the atmosphere even better and later Linda (lucky girl) got a chance to sit in a formula 5000 car (see picture)! We'd gone for a walk about together, breaking to watch some of the racing and ending up in the pit lanes. Linda had stopped to admire this vehicle and the mechanic asked if she'd like to pop in. Well, as you'll see from the picture she spent the rest of the day pretty much on cloud nine - a fabulous opportunity and one well worth taking! Although I have to say when he first offered she said 'no'!!!! Luckily she quickly changed her mind - have to say it was pretty hard to remove the smile from her face all day after that! Dave and I, although members of the Club for 3 years now have only since getting the FC ute been able to take part in the whole Club experience. Phillip Island is one we'll both remember for quite a long time - not only for the wonderful racing, weather and the chance to see Linda smiling like a cheshire cat but because of the chance to really feel what it means to be part of Lions Pride!!

               Jane and Dave








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