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Phillip Island Classic 2013

Too many Chiefs, not enough Indians and good times. Human beings, what a persistent lot we are! I personally enjoyed my long weekend, not only at the track but all over the Bass Coast. While watching others endure one of the longest hot weather stints, I can remember fraying peoples abilities and tempers. The staff at the Killy Pub seemed stressed and overwhelmed and as a result the service was less than reasonable.

Trouble in the Expo shed was also evident with the trouble Neil had with getting “The Prem” inside where it belonged. Having made numerous walks down to the pits and trade stands, seeing everyone attending to their duties and jobs in the middle of hundreds of sundazed onlookers, it amazes me how able and willing people really are.

By about 3.00pm Sunday I noticed people starting to leave, a bit earlier than last year I thought. Time for Paula and I to get going also as my ‘Prem” (stock as a rock under the bonnet) doesn’t like the traffic jams. It seemed everyone enjoyed themselves in spite of the conditions – I guess that’s what makes us human.






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