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The Echuca/Moama Weekend by Kym Britton

Wow, what a weekend. Some of the VIC club headed up on Friday, as did the NSW club. From what I heard, Elliott was a great ambassador for our club on the Friday night.

Well it was Saturday morning and time for us to head off. As we pull out the driveway, it started to spit and I thought “great”, it better not be like this up there because I wanted a great weekend. I didn’t dare say it out loud, and lucky I didn’t as the weather was perfect.

After Dave missed our turn on the freeway, we finally got to the meeting point. A quick toilet run and a quick bite to eat, we where off again. As we drove along the highway, the sky got clearer and clearer. It was great to see blues skies.

The cars looked great driving along the road together. We stopped at Heathcote to stretch the legs and to refuel, not just the cars. Some of us went for a walk up the street. We came across a very cool looking old Pram, but there was no way we could have fitted it in the FB. It was a shame I didn’t get a photo of it.

So it was time to get back on the road. The group broke up a bit at this point. I was trying to get photos of all the cars we were behind, but some we couldn’t get because we couldn’t get close enough in “Rosie”to get the photos. I was able to get some great photos of the seas of yellow that lined the road for miles.

Yay”, we get to Shady River and are met by club members from VIC and NSW. Two clubs have become one for the weekend, and it was great to see. We all settled in and had a chat with new and old friends. Then we were all off to the Holden Museum, where we find Ted the owner, already wearing a Lions Pride Shirt thanks to the NSW gang, very nice off them. We also gave Ted a stubby holder. The museum was great and it was great to see the two clubs mixing so well.

That old saying “time flies when you’re having fun”, the next thing I knew the buses where here to take us to the RSL for dinner. The company was great, the food was great and the stories shared by founding members of both clubs were great too. Then the party was to continue at Jamie’s cabin, but for some reason I found Jamie standing in our cabin with his arms full of snacks. He then drops them on our table and informs me the party’s here. Well it kicked off to the early morning in our cabin. Melina and I had to go to bed and we left a few men drinking around the table (sorry I was told what happened in the cabin in Moama stays in the cabin in Moama).

Sunday morning we were up and out the front for some group shoots before heading off to “The port of Echuca” for a boat cruise and the port tour. It was a great morning. We all went off and did as we pleased for the afternoon. I heard some people went off to the Great Aussie Beer Shed to have a look. We had lunch and listened to some music in The Star Hotel, then went back to Shady River and got to know our new friends better .

Next minute the buses where here again to take us off to the Moama Bowling club for a game of lawns bowls and BBQ dinner. It was great to see most out there giving it ago. I was really bad at it, but I will give it a go again. Over the meal (the best kind of BBQ is one that none of us had to do a thing, they did it all for us), it was great sharing stories and one of the NSW members was telling me all about his car being in Puberty Blues and Under Belly. Then poor Adrian told me what my dear husband wanted to do on the cruise. I won’t be telling you, but I am sure if you ask Adrian he will share it with you. Buses were booked to take us back to Shady River. On the drive back to the accommodation, someone said “is that a member down there?”, and we all said “no”, that wouldn’t be any of us. Well, it was Elliott walking back to Shady River. As we passed him, John jumped off the bus to walk with him. By time we got to Shady River, it had played on Dave’s mind too much, so off he and Gerard went to get them. Melina and I went back to Rhonda’s cabin for a cuppa while we waited for them all to return. Tracey and Adrian joined us as we all sat chatting the night away.

I now feel I have made some new friends, and got to know some old ones better. It was great to be out with the club and it be about the members, not just the cars we drive. I have heard the NSW gang are already planning the next meet, I can’t wait!!! !!