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Daylesford 2011



July 3rd, 2011

The order for the day was rug up as winter was here in abundance. After meeting at our receptive meeting points we headed to Daylesford via Woodend and Trentham. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t that pleasant and the market was canceled. Most people had a look at the op shop (I thought getting their outfits for the AGM). Over the next 1-2 hours we strolled around the streets, shopping and seeing what Daylesford had to offer. At one stage the fog came into town and it was that thick you could hardly see. We were able to catch up with Dave and Jane Worthington and Michael and Jackie Houston and I thank them for taking the time to joining us. The Royal Hotel was booked for lunch and we all enjoyed a lovely meal in a warm and friendly environment. After lunch it was off to the Mill, and most of us agreed that spending a few hours just wasn’t enough time to see all that was there. I thank everyone for the wonderful support of this day and hope you all enjoyed yourselves.