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Car Rally 21st April 2013



Some of the cars and some of the 4 legged kids at the starting point

Drivers Briefing

One of the Cars just before being sent off ..One car was sent of every 2 minutes


One car stopping for photos at the Elephant Rock


Finishing point was Jells Park

1ST PLACE Winners Rob Ben Emily and Liz with score of 34

well done guys

2ND PLACE Winners Jamie and Lesley with a score of 35

it was very close

3RD PLACE Winners Gerard and Rhonda with a score of 49

and the WOODEN SPOON AWARD goes to The Baynhams

they were the last time to head off and we were all waiting for them to finish

How many Men does it take to get the BBQ started ??


It was a great day  Dave and myself would like to thank everyone that joined in

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