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LAST UPDATED 04/03/2013

173rd Lions Pride Members General Meeting on 14th March, 2013 at Alvie Hall Mt Waverley 8pm

OPENING: The meeting of the Lions Pride Holden Car was called to order by John O’Sullivan at 8pm.

PRESENT: Those present including new members as per sign in book.

APOLOGIES: Tracey Robertson, Peter Doyle and Jan, Ron Jones, John Satchell, Andrew Gardiner-Wyatt, Graham Rankin, Chris Martini, Leanne and Craig McFarland.

READING OF THE LAST MINUTES: Minutes of last meeting read by Tess seconded by Lance and Gwen.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Dave mentioned that the club was travelling well with a healthy bank balance. There are no outgoing costs at present.


Gerard made mention about our next club outing a family day on the 24th March to Hanging Rock. Meeting time is at Calder Park BP at 10.00am for a 10.15 departure. Guest speaker is Leo Pruneau. There are BBQ amenities available and a kiosk.

21st April Car Rally/Mystery run more details from the Britton family soon.

John gave a report from our Autobarn display with Dan Bowden in attendance. It went from 6-10pm with 400 cars present. A wonderful evening and thanks to all those present for your support.

Phillip Island Classic. The atmosphere was incredible and so were the cars. We were fortunate to be awarded a certificate for the best club car display on the Saturday. Stuart elaborated on what a wonderful event it was.


Holden car clubs are invited to display their classic Holden cars at the Headquarters 191 atrium. With the cars being exhibited for a fortnight see all info as per brochure.

Jackson Milsome spoke to us of his interest in raising funds for leukaemia and he is hoping to raise $1000 by shaving his head for the cause. Members and the club supported him and gave him generous donations.

To ensure our records are current Kym has requested to keep her updated prior to her sending out membership renewals (e.g. phone contacts or change of address.)

Tess is in the process of ordering the new badges and they should be available at April meeting. Please see her later for your requirements.

Our visitors were welcomed and encouraged to introduce themselves and gave a brief report of their cars

Adrian gave us an update about Ron Jones’ health, his bone marrow transplant and his remarkable progress.

Jon Collins informed all members that we get 10% on presentation of our key tags at Rare Spares. He will endeavour to get information and forms for registration and the tags.

Elliott mentioned that he had some free samples from Bowden’s to see him after the meeting.

Lance has a full range of clothing and to see him for all your clothing requirements.

Raffle various winners.

Duncan in is the midst of getting some flags for the Lions Pride and we thank him for his support.

For anyone interested in committing to the Anzac day march to contact social committee to allow time for registration.


6th April – Horsham Showgrounds

7th April – Castlemaine Camp Reserve

14th April Lancefield

MEETING CONCLUSION: Meeting closed 9.07pm

The next General Meeting will be held at 7.30pm Thursday 11th April 2013 at Alvie Hall



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Giday All,

Welcome to the April Newsletter..... enjoy the read and opportunity to catch up with all that's been happening. The automotive calendar has been overflowing of late and some of you have traveled far to participate in various events. "Lions Pride" currently enjoys a high profile due to your efforts and passion. Sharing the fellowship of the road with like minded enthusiasts is surely what it’s all about......

Well, at least that's what the Labour Day long weekend at Phillip Island was all about.....even with merely the tiniest drop of automotive blood flowing through your veins you still cannot be anything but awed by "The Classic". Every member did their very best to help "Lions Pride" put on a display that was worthy of the occasion and winning the award for best Club display on the Saturday was simply amazing. It’s not just the standard of the vehicles that’s about the attitude of the membership in dealing with whatever is required.... I was immensely proud of the Club and the rest of the event wasn't too shabby either!! It was also great to have Anthony and John join us for the first time...... glad you were able to share such a special weekend with us.

On previous occasions I've noted that "Lions Prides" greatest strength lies in the diversity of its membership base. We have people whose interest varies from 48/215 to VL and everything in between. Those 40 years are very significant, not just in terms of our automotive development, but in the emergence of Australia as we know her today. As a Club we are in the fortunate position of being a focal point for many of those who share an interest and passion for that automotive journey. I mention this because I'm encouraged that so many members are out enjoying other events besides official Club runs. As an organization we can only do so much and there's a vast automotive world that demands to be explored. One example is "The Wandin Car and Bike Show", supported by several hundred enthusiasts who gather on a Wednesday night...... it was great to find several Club members there enjoying the evening.... check out the pics elsewhere in this publication or better still come along next time!

The recent cruise to Hanging Rock was a well supported and successful event. It was a good run for cars and I'm looking forward to seeing Stepaen's video of the drive. Leo Pruneau generously spent several hours with us and is always delightful company..... members will be aware of Leo's senior role at GM-H Design and the club is privileged to have this thorough gentleman as a honorary member. I would like to thank Rhonda and Gerard for making the day possible..... your attention to detail contributed greatly to its success.

At the March MGM we welcomed several members of the Milsome family..... recent members may not be aware that Terry and Chris have been club sponsors since the very beginning back in 1991. I would like to thank all members who generously supported Jackson's efforts in the 'Worlds Greatest Shave" for the Leukemia Foundation....... I believe close to $300 was raised, and you couldn't help but admire young Jackson, as he spoke confidently of his motivation to such a large group of strangers...... good on you mate!

Unfortunately to finish on more somber note, the passing of Charles 'Chuck' Chapman, MD of GM-H between 1976 and 1987 marks the end of another chapter in our automotive history..... make sure to read about his life and contribution to Holden elsewhere in these pages

Until Next Time,





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